Extract Name and Spam Score For Each Email Address

A Specrom News API endpoint for extracting names and a spam score for input email address

We have a vast email database containing over 31 million email addresses. This API endpoint will return full name (if available) along with a label for spam_email and generic_email.

import requests

url = "https://specrom-news-api.p.rapidapi.com/"

payload = {
  "api_type": "extract_name_and_spam_classification_from_email_address",
  "email_address": "jay@jaympatel.com"

headers = {
  "content-type": "application/json",
  "X-RapidAPI-Key": "API_Key",
  "X-RapidAPI-Host": "specrom-news-api.p.rapidapi.com"

response = requests.request("POST", url, json=payload, headers=headers)

	POST / HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
X-Rapidapi-Key: API_Key
X-Rapidapi-Host: specrom-news-api.p.rapidapi.com
Host: specrom-news-api.p.rapidapi.com
Content-Length: 192

    "api_type": "extract_name_and_spam_classification_from_email_address",
    "email_address": "jay@jaympatel.com"
Parameter Description
api_type extract_name_and_spam_classification_from_email_address
email_address Email address



This endpoint returns a JSON object containing the following elements:

Parameter Description
first_name First name (if available, otherwise NA)
last_name Last name (if available, otherwise NA)
spam_status This returns the spammy behaviour of the email address and it can be “Negative” or “Positive”. Email addresses that are considered spammy will have very low sender reputation
generic_email If an email inbox is generic such as info, help, noreply etc. it will return “Positive” otherwise it will return “Negative”